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Transactions, Sales & Acquisitions worldwide

The JCB Group offers advice to your company to find the right property for building or reconstructing residential. We also have brand new blocs and blocs that are fully leased out. JCB Group can assist you in finding the right assets in the right area. 

We have valuable experience with Norwegian Municipalities and in-depth knowledge about their future needs. We have been working with OPS (offentlig–privat samarbeid) which is a partnership between the Municipalities and private investors. ​Do not hesitate to contact us.

We are selling and searching for Residential Blocks:

Residential Houses
We are in search of:
  • GERMANY - residential portfolios

  • THE NETHERLANDS - residential portfolios

European Residential Building
We are in search of:
  • NORWAY - residential development areas; regulated & non-regulated

  • SWEDEN - residential/mixed-use

City Street

We are in search of:

  • LONDON - high-end residential

  • NEW YORK - residential portfolios